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Grow and Glow Gardens – Garden and Landscape Design Company in Bangalore

Grow and Glow Gardens is an Urban Gardening Company located in Bangalore. We provide Gardening Plants, Accessories and Tools through our Outlet. Our gardening services includes, Garden Design, Landscaping, Vegetable Garden, Terrace Garden, Vertical Garden, Garden Water Feature etc. We also provide garden maintenance services with cost effective price.

Grow and Glow Gardens is a Company managed with capabilities with optimal Garden beauty and Environmental health. We are a house of brands that provide an incredible array of tools for a multitude of gardening needs with many dimensions that require great expertise in handling and maintenance. We all share a mission to help people live happier and healthier through a great passion in gardening.

gardening and landscaping in whitefield bangalore

Our experienced professionals have hands-on experience in designing hundreds of spaces. With our ability to understand spaces, requirements and needs, our landscaping team will be able to deliver a pleasant looking space with a touch of urban gardening and aesthetics. Our dedicated team possesses the best knowledge that needs to be known about  Greeneries, Plantations and Designing. Implementing each design that’s impeccable for balcony gardens, terrace gardens, office gardens, front gardens, backyard gardens, indoor gardens and landscaping services done at your door step.

Roof Garden Design in Bangalore

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Some of our Products are :

Bamboo_Basket (M) (3) Pot Kumbh (XXXL) GI Planter Hexagonal (S)

grow and glow gardens yelahanka bangalore gardening pots for sale in yelahanka new town bangalore GI Railing planter HalfButterfly (L) GI_TraySet(M) - gardening pots for sale in yelahanka new town bangalore

Mosaic Skypos (S) Pattern 2 Pot Duck (S) - gardening pots for sale in yelahanka new town bangalore Pot Dog (S) - gardening pots for sale in whitefield bangalore Pot Bowl (S) - flower pots for sale in whitefield

Pot World Cup (S) - garden pots design in yelahanka Tumbler (S) - gardening pots for sale in yelahanka new town bangalore Skypos (S) - gardening pots for sale in yelahanka new town bangalore Wood Railing Planter Boat (m)

WallFrameWithContainers Wrought Iron Railing Planter Small 'S' Pattern with Rectangular Filler Wood Planter Wrought Iron Railing Planter plain with one (01) Wood Railing Planter Rectangular (L)

Gardening Accessory Mixed Soil