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Get started with your home gardening usingmineral rich soil and a few plants. Adding organic matter such as shredded leaves, animal manures, or cover crops can improve the fertility of the soil. Home gardening in Bangalore grows and provides the best gardening services irrespective of the availability of the space.  Select the right plants with right size to suit your gardening space. By growing different plants, including both fruits and vegetables improves the atmosphere of your home and surroundings. Let us look at some tips for home gardening –

Use the space efficiently:

Though you have a small space for home gardening, ensure that it receives adequate amount of sunlight, air and water. Many vegetables like climbing peas, tomatoes, bananas, papayas, etc. are certain to use tiny space of your garden. Growing plants according to seasons provides a continuous harvest and saves your pocket. Home gardening in Bangalore assured to provide you with remarkable tips that suit your gardening space.

best home gardening ideas in bangalore


Container gardening:

If you have a tiny backyard, use pots for growing tomatoes, herbs. Also, use your fence to grow cucumbers, peas, and other climber plants. Trellises are amazing for climbing plants as it decorates your garden amazingly. Assortment of Passion vines, jasmine, Mandeville and bougainvillea enhances your garden. People with tiny gardens can make use of trellises as it can support the growth of varieties of plants from its roots. Trellises can be used to make the climbing varieties of peas to grow up. Other varieties include vining crops like cucumbers and tomatoes.

container gardening in bangalore yelahanka

No rows:

For home gardening, more square footage is required, rather than traditional row planting. Switch to raised beds or open beds to free up the gardening space and plant manure crops, flowering plants, berries, or asparagus. Growing vegetables and green plants in extensive gardening space require less watering, less weeding, and less toiling. Walking on the compact soil chokes the growth of plants; therefore, reducing the number of rows in your home gardening and having more growing area makes soil fluffier and healthier for plants roots.

Grow cool weather crops:

Crops like carrots, potatoes, onions, etc. can be stored for over months. These do not get rotten easily when packed with sawdust. Home gardening in Bangalore certainly provides you the seasonal plants and tools required for your garden.

home gardening in bangalore yelahanka

Herbs and spices:

Growing herbs and spices is a great way to save your money. You can grow herbs and spices like oregano, spinach, coriander, mint, rosemaryin your home garden. These can be dried and stored in your kitchen cupboard for further use.

Home gardening is fun. It enhances the flow of oxygen while reducing the tendency to fall sick. If you are starting home gardening make certain to start with simple vegetables and fruits. Keep the garden well watered during summers and avoid over watering of plants.

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