Importance of Terrace Gardening in Bangalore – A Beginner’s Guide :

With the increase in pollution and scarcity of space, many multi-story buildings, skyscrapers and condominiums are on the rise in India today.

Many garden lovers today are finding an answer to an urban gardener’s dream of having a garden at home and people with a green thumb are finding terrace gardening an outlet for their passion. Cultivated on the terrace or balcony, green roofs have their own share of benefits.

The greatest advantage of these plants increases the flow of oxygen and thereby keeps you away from pollution. Be it Children or Adults, they breathe in the fresh air your garden brings in to develop a stronger immunity system.

With a Garden on the terrace the surface of the roof is kept cool and hence provides a cool environment inside the house.

Your home gets a visually appealing look with the existence of a terrace garden.

Grow and Glow Gardens is a company that creates, cultivate and design a perfect terrace garden or a green roof that brings one close to nature as nature has always been man’s best friend. We bring a piece of nature ‘A Terrace garden’ to your house.

Come to us at Grow and Glow Gardens and we shall make you enjoy the nature at your doorstep with a terrace garden so soothing and pleasing to your soul. We provide terrace garden services in Bangalore with maintenance.

For more details on Terrace Gardening or Roof Gardening services in Bangalore, visit or Call : 9008254541.


Terrace Gardening in yelahanka new town



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