The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Landscape

Landscape architecture is quite comprehensive and a profound knowledge is required in many disciplines which many of us as common may not know and hence make mistakes due to ignorance or negligence. The essence of landscaping – planting design — should be at its best but many make some common mistakes which have to be avoided. Scale and Proportions should be Accurate in planting designs which many ignore in the initial stages. Planting designs is the only mastery that distinguishes landscape architects among the other professionals in the field of architecture. Be it a high-quality project or a small one.

History of landscape, city and regional planning, urban design, architecture, environmental science, planting design … Each of these subjects is substantial and important and none of these should be neglected. Many of us lack the individual approach. Styles to use in planting design depends entirely on the concept and idea keeping the landscape in mind and decision is taken for a naturalistic planting design where professional seem most important in handling each project.

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These are the principles of design that are well known but often disregarded, especially in planting design:

  • One shouldn’t use the same plant list for a small private garden as used for a large public park. The dimensions of the area should be considered where one has to landscape.
  • Irregular growth and adjacent construction damages, could lead to creating a dangerous area rather than a peaceful and safe landscape.
  • The Plant Characteristics should be the suitable type keeping in mind the height while it grows to bloom, the color and above all, the plants should not cause any allergies.
  • The most important factor is the season. Each plant varies by the season and one should keep a track of this to maintain its beauty and growth as maintenance is the key word to healthy plants and best results can be obtained only when the requirements are satisfied to its fullest.


We at Glow and Grow Garden are the right professionals to leave no stone unturned, as accuracy and quality with perfection in landscaping is our policy. Being professionals at Glow and Grow Gardens, we conduct all respective tests; analyze, to provide the best in landscaping to its perfection. Maintaining landscape will help ensure that plants, flowers and trees stay strong and healthy. For Landscape Design & Maintenance in Bangalore, visit us at Grow and Glow Gardens are located in Yelahanka, Bangalore and we are specialized in offering peerless landscape design and maintenance services to the valued clients. We are endowed with a team of highly experienced enough to offer best and variable suggestions.


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