Roof Gardening – The new epoch of “Go Green”

Roof Gardening – a little idea and modernism that is possible to make over a roof into a space of leisure, hobby and amuse yourself.

In brief, Roof Gardening is the most contemporary mode of farming/gardening, brought into practice long ago, though there is no such evidence of its beginning, Roof Gardening vast mainly carried out as hobby by the Bangalore households. In basic, Roof Gardening is gardening/landscape on the rooftop of the residential or commercial buildings, which adds huge decorative benefits for the bare roof/terrace so in other words it is also termed as Terrace Gardening.

  • Hydrological Benefits
  • Climatic Balance
  • Architectural Enhancement
  • Recreation
  • Ecological Benefits

As far as the Terrace Gardening or Roof Gardening is concerned, Independent Villas or Houses are more favorable than Apartment or Official Buildings, since the gardening activities and the maintenance keeping in consideration traditional and modern terrace gardening habits. Due to the scarcity of space in the urban locale, Vertical Gardening and Roof Gardening are nowadays gaining huge momentum from the young and working Indian households.

Roof Gardening in whitefield bangalore

Roof Gardening is sure inspires everyone; we at in Bangalore offers with best and traditional of course the contemporary Roof Gardening Designs, Plants and other equipments with design ideas and maintenance support at. We serve gardening and landscaping services in all the major of Bangalore like Yelahanka, Whitefield, Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Malleshwaram and many more. Come feel the real experience of Roof Gardening or Terrace Gardening. Grow and Glow Gardens in Yelahanka New Town Bengaluru is one of the leading and best landscape designers with in-house team of experienced Gardeners and Consultants who accommodate right from the scratch to make the most of the available space exclusively for Terrace Gardening, Landscape and Vertical Gardening.

Roof Gardening or the Terrace Gardening can further taken step ahead can result in yielding decorative flowers, in other terms can also generate decent income with guided care. To know more, feel free to visit us or visit our website or Call us : 9008254541.


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