10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Landscaping

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Landscape architecture is what gives a home or a park its charm to enlighten the beauty of a garden area. They of course, do not spring from nothing. Landscape architectures put a lot of work into the design of their projects. They’re in charge of the design, specification and management of the environment, and they must keep track of the preservation, analysis and enhancing features of the natural environment already present. It may not appear so, but this job is anything but a walk in or through the garden. Many of us would always feel that landscaping done should be to its best but probably didn’t know about landscaping.

Landscape architects are highly appreciated as they transform the area of gardening as a work of art. The earth has more than 80,000 species of edible plants and 90% of the foods eaten by humans come from just 30 plants. Thousands of plant species are utilized for medicinal purpose. 80% of the earths original forests have been cleared or destroyed and jut 10% of the worlds plant-rich areas are protected.

landscape design and maintenance in hebbal


Every plant has its own native for cultivating for the climatic conditions and we at Grow and Glow Garden, Yelahanka, Bangalore have professionals who know best for any type of landscaping that has to be created. If you want to get involved in such a booming industry then at Yelahanka, Grow and Glow Garden, is the name.


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