Plants are like people, each one has a personality of its own. Some are quite eye-catching and showy, while others are humble and dependable. For gardeners, getting to know the various personalities of the plants they grow is half the fun.

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Even indoor plants can sometimes have a tough time surviving the winter, especially if your climate starts to see freezing temperatures. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to help your house plants make it through the winter in the best of health.

Cut Down on Water
Almost all house plants go into hibernation mode over the winter, which means they don’t need as much water. And if you keep watering them at summer rates, they could develop rot or diseases. So how to take car for houseplants starts with watering only lightly, and when in doubt check to see if the soil is moist about an inch below the surface. The exceptions to this are citrus species, which tend to do better with higher moisture soil.

Remember to Clean the Leaves
In winter, homes tend to be closed up and more dust is often spread through the air. Dusty leaves are bad news, as they encourage disease and prevent house plants from absorbing sunlight. And lightly brush dust off the leaves of your plants every month or so, it’s the best way of how to take care of indoor plants.

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Provide Maximum Sunlight
If you want to create a collection of useful herbs or uplifting flowers for winter, create your own window box to display them and give them plenty of light. And choose hardy species, and you can move the window box outside in the spring! It’s one of the ways of how to care for houseplants.

Monitor and Control Pests
Winter pests are problematic for window plants. And if they find your plants, they can easily spread throughout the house and do a lot of damage. Keep house plants clean, watch for pests like mites, and if you spot a problem, isolate the plant and treat it immediately.

Using fertilizer in your garden will help increase the yield of your vegetable plants, and keep them healthy. Fertilizers contain three macro-nutrients, represented by three numbers on the product label. The first number is always nitrogen. Nitrogen is important for quick growth, and leaf production.


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